Fury Bear trailer 5 Axle 1:14 low loader for Tamiya trucks


Broshuis Holland 1:14 Scale 5 axle Heavy Goods Special Trailer fits on Tamiya Trucks including electronics, servos and modular design. Fully adjustable like height of gooseneck and adjustable length 40cm.

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Broshuis 1:14 trailer

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Broshuis Holland fully independent suspension and steering European Low loader for Tamiya 1:14 scale trucks

Fury Bear launched a 1:14 low loader model with electronic steering and independent suspension simulation system, with equipment rack on the front a special 5 axle heavy-duty cargo special trailer.

Broshuis Holland 1:14 Scale Heavy Goods Special Trailer the Tamiya low loader must have! The Fury Bear 5 axle heavy cargo trailer is designed to to be more realistic than other 1:14 scale trailers.

  • The suspension steering system adopts the same structure as the real trailer. It can realize follow-up steering and lateral walking.
  • On the side of the trailer you can also install appropriate number of drag plates according to actual needs.
  • Servo waterproof high-power steering gear 26kg, the trailer can handle a maximum load of 75kg.
  • The first independent suspension same as the real model.
  • Trailer adopts modular design of the real model, you can achieve personalized adjustable design such as lengthening and shortening the trailer 40cm.
  • Full wheel steering the same steering mode as the real trailer has.
  • The axle and steering gears are connected to each wheel directly to ensure the accuracy of the steering.
  • The electronic independently steering module developed by Fury Bear Model controls all steering actuators.
  • All Steering sensors of vehicles use Hall sensors
  • Steering servos use 26kg metal high torque waterproof steering engines. The follow-up steer effect is similar to that of the real trailer.
  • The 5 axle heavy trailer weighs only 6 kg and is made of high strength aluminium alloy.
  • Total length 100 cm extended 140cm

Light set included, can be connected to Servonaut, Beijer or tamiya MFC. Note max use 5V. You can connect it to your truck using our 6 pin connector plug or with the wireless option of one of the suppliers mentioned above.

Content parts 

  • 4x rear light units incl. Leds
  • 12 sidelight units incl. Leds
  • 2 rear working light unints incl. Leds
  • 14 Tires
  • 2 spear Rims for front mounting
  • Mud flaps 8x small 1 Large
  • Trailer stickers
  • Broshuis 3D Logo 3x
You only need to buy a King pin from your local dealer!

Construction Manual Broshuis Trailer Fury Bear

Operating Manual Broshuis Trailer Fury Bear

Fury Bear Broshuis 1:14 side view Fury bear Broshuis 1:14 top view

Hand-made low loader

The low loader is a hand-made realistic precision piece of art. All wheels turn and you can covert your 5 axle trailer lengthening and shortening the trailer 40cm because the Fury Bear is build out of modules just like the real low loader. The Fury Bear 5 axle trailer fit with all Tamiya truck models.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 84 × 30 × 30 cm