OB1 V3.1MFC/V3.1S LED System For Tamiya RC 1/14


Light up your Tamiya truck with this light set from OB1, featuring front amp, brake lamp, Aux lamp, fog lamp, roof lamp, reverse lamp, left and right signal lights. Included are 6 LED cables, the main unit supports up to 12 LED cables.

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Usable with:

  • Tamiya Tractor Truck
  • Tamiya Tractor Truck Semi-Trailer

*Requires #56511 MFC-01 or #56523 MFC-03 (Not Included)


  • V3.1MFC connects directly to Tamiya MFC-01 (#56511) / MFC-03 (#56523), Plug & Play
  • V3.1MFC wireless connects V3.1S, becomes Wireless Tractor Truck LED System
  • This kit not only just replaces Tamiya Semi-Trailer Light Set (#56502), but adds following

Additional functions:

  • Internal Bluetooth (v2.0), Press “PAIR” once to connect Tractor Truck and Trailer
  • Support UP / DOWN Detection (If installed Tamiya Support Legs #56505)
  • V3.1MFC has 6 independent AUX LED, works together with MFC-01 / 03’s AUX LED
  • 3 Flash modes added (Similar to MFC-02)
  • Additional 1 plug for Back lamp (Total 2)


  • Input Voltage: 5-6VDC (V3.1MFC’s Powered by MFC-01)
  • Low Voltage Detection battery type: 1-6S LiPo / LiFePo / User define Max. 25.2V (V3.1M)
  • Support RC Modulation: High Response 2.4G system / PCM / PPM (FM) / AM (V3.1M)
  • Dimension (Main unit): 44mm (L), 38mm (W), 10mm (H)
  • Weight: Main unit 12g (Not includes cables)

V3.1MFC / V3.1S Combo Set includes:

  • V3.1MFC Main Unit x1;
  • V3.1S Main Unit x1;
  • MFC Main Harness (J9, J28) x1;
  • REV Harness (J18) x1;
  • SET / PAIR Switch harness x1;
  • Y-Harness x1;
  • LED extend cable x2;
  • V3.1MFC Manual x1;
  • V3.1S Manual x1;
  • Battery Box (AAx4) x1;
  • 5mm WHITE LED x5;
  • 3mm YELLOW LED w/cable x2;
  • 5mm WHITE LED w/cable  x1;
  • 5mm RED LED w/cable  x1;
  • 5mm YELLOW LED w/cable x2;
  • LED cable (DIY, 60cm) x4.
ob1 v31mfc bleutooth tamiya
ob1 v31mfc bleutooth tamiya led system
ob1 v31mfc tamiya bluetooth led system
ob1 v31mfc tamiya bluetooth led system

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Dimensions 22 × 13 × 3 cm